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Neo Casinos in Test 2021

NeoNeo is another cryptocurrency that is still relatively uncommon and is based on the Neo network of the same name. The renaming only took place in 2017, but the basic concept of the coin has been around since 2014, when it was still called Antshares. The Chinese Erik Zhang and Da Hongfei were responsible for the development.

With the new name, the Neo Coin 🪙 gained more and more importance for the crypto market, because the project has the intention to build a “smart economy” with the help of smart contracts, i.e. to distribute digital resources effectively.

Simply put, the smart economy behind Neo means nothing more than a constellation, which in turn is made up of digital and secure identities, digital assets, and the aforementioned smart contracts. Assets can be allocated even more easily with the Neo Coin, according to the developers. The token is already being successfully traded on well-known crypto exchanges – including Binance.

Good to know: In addition to Neo, investors also have to deal with the so-called GAS tokens. These are generated by Neo Coins and are there to finance accruing network transaction fees. If the cryptocurrency is used correctly, GAS Tokens are generated automatically, provided Neo Coins are held for a sufficiently long period of time.

Best Neo Casinos

icon-live gamesAs indicated, Neo Coin is currently not very widespread. However, due to its concept and the emerging “smart economy”, the cryptocurrency is just gaining more and more importance in the gambling industry as well.

Besides our test winner, NEO is also accepted by Fairspin. By the way, the crypto casinos that were tested by our experts do not yet have the currency in their program, but that could change quickly. Especially in the last few years, many alternative cryptos have already established themselves in the industry – first and foremost, of course, Bitcoin.

What is behind the Neo Coin?

Neo-2The digital currency’s main focus is clearly on the Asian market. It is not without reason that Neo, formerly Antshares, is referred to as the Chinese Ethereum Coin.

What sounds friendly at first, many see as criticism, because the founders of Neo Coin have not reinvented the proverbial wheel to achieve success in the industry. Rather, they are making use of many already familiar technologies that were previously known primarily from Ethereum.

In fact, opinions on the Neo Coin vary widely, and yet it seems that the inventors are now looking to make inroads in the Western world – where the Ethereum has been traded as a popular digital currency alongside Bitcoin and Litecoin for many years now. However, as noted, the Neo Coin is much less common than ETH and Co, at least in online crypto casinos.

In order to trade on the Neo network, you need so-called NeoIDs. These are established digital identities, which create a trustworthy and secure basis. Trading is required by one’s own identification ✅ , and only with verified accounts – for example, via confirmation by SMS – is it permissible to deposit Coins in the Neo Casino.

The coin is based on the Neo network of the same name. Strictly speaking, this is made up of two tokens: Neo and GAS. You could almost compare this with Bitcoin, because there the Satoshi is the smaller currency unit.

Interesting fact: Neo Coins are comparable to shares. There are only 100 million units, new ones cannot be generated. Anyone who has acquired a share of Neo Tokens automatically gets the opportunity to have a say in the network – and thus influence further developments to a certain extent.

This is what the Neo Coin price development looks like

The demand was immensely high, especially in 2017, when the token got its new name Neo. Before that, the Antshares Coin was apparently of less interest. Initially, the value per Neo token was just over €1, but now it is significantly higher. According to Coinmarketcap, one coin (as of June 10, 2021) has an equivalent value of around €43 💶. The record was only recently well above that. In its heyday, Neo Coins were traded for around 124 euros.

As with all digital currencies, there are sometimes strong fluctuations. However, these are less drastic than with BTC, as there is no mining function. The specified 100 billion tokens can only be acquired via wallets.

How to play at NEO Casino

  • Neo-3Register and confirm
  • Go to the cashier after logging in
  • Select Neo Coin
  • Scan QR code with preferred wallet
  • Alternatively: Copy address and paste into wallet
  • Set amount – crediting takes place in real time

Even though Neo Coin may differ from better-known cryptocurrencies in some respects, making a deposit at crypto casinos works just as quickly as it does easily. The prerequisite is that a wallet has been set up – be it at Binance, Bitpanda, Coinbase or another platform. There, Neo Tokens can be purchased without any effort. Once this is done, there is nothing standing in the way of the Neo Casino deposit.

One advantage of Rocketpot and Fairspin: The daily updated Neo Coin rate is clearly displayed in the cashier. During the payment process, any euro amount can be entered, which the provider automatically converts into the corresponding cryptocurrency. In addition, there is information about how much 100 euros in Neo is – presumably because the sum is a standard amount that the majority of customers invest.

The game is mostly played in Euro currency – at least at the Neo casinos, which have already been extensively tested by our editorial team. However, it always depends on the game manufacturer, as there can be differences here. Some rely on instant conversion, while other providers now accept more and more digital currencies internally.

Buy Neo: How does it work?

As explained, there is a set number of Neo tokens. These can be purchased on crypto exchanges or wallets at the current daily rate. The coin is available here, among other places:

Setting up an account with the preferred wallet is usually free of charge. However, fees may be incurred when depositing real money. For this reason, it is worth comparing several wallets. If funds are available in the account, they can be exchanged for NEO without any effort.Neo-4

Advantages & disadvantages of Neo Casinos

What advantages does NEO offer as a payment method in the casino?

icon-softwareCryptocurrencies are generally considered to be very secure. Neo offers no exception on that point, as the system reliability is similar to that of the Western role model Ethereum, as it is based on a similar technology.

Generally, the crediting of the crypto casino account should also take place within a few minutes. Customers are thus spared a long wait. In this respect, the Neo Gas Coin is in no way inferior to other, better-known tokens.

Plus: There is now hardly a wallet that Neo does not offer. Customers therefore have a free choice in this area.

These are the advantages 👍 of the Neo Coin:

  • Low network transaction fees
  • Available with almost all crypto wallets
  • High system reliability
  • Real-time transactions
  • What are the disadvantages with Neo Casinos?

First of all, it must be clearly stated that the acceptance of Neo Coins here in Europe can be classified as rather low. The token focuses much more on the Chinese market and is supported by the government system there, which is considered to be extremely strict. Accordingly, the risk of political influence on market development should not be underestimated. The extent to which this will affect the gaming industry is difficult to assess.

At this point in time, it is difficult for Neo to compete with better-known competitors – first and foremost Ethereum and certainly Bitcoin. Players have been familiar with these tokens for a long time and there is probably little reason for most of them to “switch” to Neo. The established crypto casinos seem to be aware of this as well, so only a few providers even offer the possibility to make deposits and withdrawals with the cryptocurrency.

All disadvantages at a glance:

  • Currently still unknown in Europe
  • Few casinos accept Neo Coins
  • Political influence by China conceivable

Important note: Despite the criticisms to consider, NEO investors can profit in the long run. GAS tokens generated by the main coin are paid out by the company every day. Thus, in the long run, Neo is well worth investing in.

How does Neo different from Ethereum?

There are, of course, reasons why the Neo token likes to be called Chinese Ethereum. Both blockchain projects equally pursue the goal of developing smart contracts. This works with the help of so-called DApps and ICOs, which are in turn hosted decentrally.

Another common feature is the division into two different currency units each. What the GAS token is for Neo Coin, the Ether is for Ethereum. Profits can be generated by providing these assets. Furthermore, the concept of the open-source project is identical. Behind the coins are large teams that support the community.

So much for the parallels, on the basis of which people came to call Neo China’s Ethereum in the first place. However, the differences cannot be overlooked. The Neo token receives substantial support 💬 from the government of China, but equally from large corporations in the country, such as Alibaba and Wings. Ethereum, on the other hand, receives no national support. What’s more, while Ethereum is divisible, the Neo Blockchain is not.

How can you recognize reputable Neo casinos?

icon-winBasically, there are also differences between the major crypto casinos, as far as the range of games, payment methods or but bonus promotions are concerned. The commonality is usually a gambling license. However, since providers with digital currencies are a contentious issue in this country – especially because of the unlimited payment options – you should at least make sure that the license was granted in Curacao. It gives a first reliable indication of the seriousness of the casino.

That a provider of the industry is fair, you can recognize not only by the license. The cooperation with well-known game developers is also a reliable indication that you are dealing with a reputable Neo Casino. This is because well-known providers are characterized by fair odds, among other things. Only if such are offered, it is worth investing Neo Coins.

Note on player protection in Neo Casinos: Although more than €1 may be wagered per game round and deposits are not limited to €1,000 per month, there are basically measures for responsible gaming 🎰 at crypto gaming sites. As a customer, you can set your own limits and also benefit from the demonstrably fair blockchain technology.

These limits apply to payments with Neo

icon-paymentsNeo Coins can be deposited into crypto casinos without any limits on the part of the developer, and withdrawals are also usually possible without an upper limit at the providers known to us. Depending on the casino, a certain minimum deposit amount may be required. Likewise, a payout of winnings is usually only possible above a certain value. Far more important: There are no upper limits – one of the reasons why more and more players prefer cryptocurrencies to the classic real money payment.

The example of Neo is a good way to explain the topic of limits. According to the operator, only 1 coin has to be sent to the individual and unique valid address. There is no talk of an upper limit, as it simply does not exist. Fairspin, on the other hand, requires a minimum amount of 45.72€. Here, the conversion into real money currency takes place automatically.Neo-5

Can I use all games in the casino with Neo?

As a rule, there is nothing standing in the way. Depending on the gaming provider and casino, it may be that the stakes are placed in euros. Thus, it does not matter which cryptocurrency was used for the deposit. There should be no restrictions on the portfolio, and if there are, they usually only apply because there are special slots or classics that can only be used with Bitcoin.

So, as long as the chosen crypto casino accepts Neo Tokens, the portfolio is just as extensive as with all other currencies – regardless of whether it is digital or real money. Here are the sections to choose from in the well-known Neo casinos:

  • Slots
  • Live Games
  • Jackpot Games
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • And even Virtual Sports as well as sports betting

Depositing with Neo Coins does not stop customers from taking advantage of the full variety of their preferred provider. This applies to the games as well as campaigns – including VIP ⭐ Clubs and the like.

Note: Some bonus offers, especially for new customers, are limited to bitcoin payments. If you want to take advantage of a welcome offer, you should therefore inform yourself in advance. For example, our editorial team provides information about the applicable provisions in the respective provider test in the bonus category.

Tips & tricks for payment with Neo

The following tips will help you manage your Neo Coin balance smartly and save money especially in the long run:

  • Invest in NEO for the long term and benefit from GAS tokens.
  • Wait for a favorable conversion rate
  • Compare crypto wallets
  • Choose providers with favorable network transaction fees

Sometimes there are significant differences between wallets and fees applicable there. This makes it all the more sensible to take a closer look at popular exchanges and take enough time to make a comparison. Purchasing Neo Coins is most worthwhile when the exchange rate is currently low. Here, too, you should calmly plan a little lead time. And: the longer the tokens are held, the higher the profit in the end.

Neo Alternatives

Since the token is far from being accepted in every crypto casino, it helps to look at the alternatives as well – especially those coins that are now allowed to be used almost everywhere for deposits and withdrawals. Detailed tests and explanations of the currencies can be found on our pages. Here now are the options that are offered both in Neo and in many other online casinos:

The first four currencies are now almost always available, whereas there are providers that have not yet implemented Dogecoin, Tether & Co. into the payment system. If you own exactly these coins, you should take a little time to compare providers.

Neo Casino FAQ

Especially because the token is less known than Bitcoin, Ethereum or even Litecoin, it can be useful to deal with various questions. After all, it is always helpful to know the basics before considering an investment. Our experts have summarized some interesting topics here in short form.

 Why was Antshares renamed to Neo?

In fact, Neo has not been an entirely new invention, but rather it came in 2017 to rename the Antshares token developed a few years earlier – incidentally, the first one created in China by tech professionals. The project had invested a full US$4.5 million in it in 2016. Shortly after, they came to the conclusion that a new variant was needed, and one that would take advantage of blockchain technology. This is how the NEO Coin was born.

Fun Fact: Neo actually comes from Greek and means “new.” The change should indeed bring some innovations that have since made the Coin China’s Ethereum.

The concept of the smart economy, which the Neo token aims to achieve, is not entirely new. Nevertheless, the coin works differently than it did before the renaming.

Is Neo the same as real money?

icon-bonus casinoNeo is a digital currency, not a physical one. If it were to be centralized and withdrawn from the Neo network, it would no longer have any value. However, there is always the option to exchange real money for Neo tokens – most easily via crypto wallets like Binance or Exodus.

The decisive advantage of the said network is that an investment in the decentralized and digital currency can be worthwhile in the long run. Crucial are the GAS tokens belonging to the Neo network, which promise very high profits. This is exactly what would no longer be possible with real money at the present time, since even the interest paid by banks for savings deposits is now approaching zero, or even negative interest rates are already being charged for bank deposits, especially in the case of companies.

Is it possible to play anonymously in Neo Casinos?

Like almost all cryptocurrencies, Neo Coin is decentralized. This means that it is not linked to the banking as well as financial system. Therefore, the payment from the wallet to the casino is made without the interposition of a banking institution. On the other hand, you still can’t talk about complete anonymity, because: Anyone who wants to play in a casino and deposit Neo Coins 🪙 cannot avoid providing personal details.

However, the registration in most crypto casinos is much easier. Often, it is sufficient to provide the user name and the disclosure of a valid email address. Verification is – if at all – often only necessary when paying out higher winnings.

The decisive factor for security is that the data provided is reliably encrypted and not passed on to third parties under any circumstances. In principle, therefore, playing with Neo Tokens is similarly anonymous as with any other cryptocurrency – probably the most important reason why decentralized currencies are becoming increasingly popular in Europe.

How reliably do deposits with Neo Coins work?

icon-mobile casinoThe Neo casinos we know are clearly reliable. But not only the choice of the right provider plays a decisive role. Customers should also look very carefully when it comes to the right crypto exchange. Providers mentioned further above are considered reliable and are ideal for making deposits to the crypto casino both quickly and securely.

The crediting process should regularly take no longer than 10 minutes. If there are delays, a short chat with the respective support is usually enough. Such a crypto casinos usually even provide around the clock.

Is Neo a mining coin?

100 million Neo tokens have been created. However, there is no way to get more coins through mining. As explained, the profit from gas tokens increases, provided that you hold Neo for a sufficiently long time. In this respect, the coin clearly differs from BTC, which, especially in the early days, was primarily concerned with mining Satoshi through the highest possible server performance.

Interesting fact: Only 50% of the 100 million Neo tokens are actually for sale. The second half remains permanently in the company’s possession – at least as things stand now. Although there is no mining feature, the currency has established itself since 2017, especially in China. There, it is among the top 20 most successful cryptos.

Is it worth playing at Neo Casino?

icon-gamesIt can make perfect sense to look at crypto casinos with Neo currency. Although the token as such is not very widespread to date, you can assume that many alternative cryptocurrencies – including Ethereum, Litecoin or even Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash – are accepted. In addition, customers at Neo Casino usually benefit from a wide selection of games, high security standards and sometimes even attractive bonuses.

Neo itself is considered a reliable cryptocurrency that has made a promising start. Although the token is still primarily aimed at Chinese investors, it may well be that more and more customers in this country will also invest in the currency – not least because of the option to generate profits through GAS tokens.

Regardless of the fact that the acceptance is currently manageable, purchase options are now offered at all common crypto exchanges. Both Binance and Bitpanda as well as Coinbase and Exodus are suitable for investing in Neo.

Conclusion on Neo Casinos

icon-ideaThe Neo token is still waiting for a real breakthrough in the field of crypto casinos. This is mainly due to the fact that, from experience, players tend to rely on more well-known digital currencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Nevertheless, the coin is a good alternative and it can be an advantage to know it and deal with NEO. Think, for example, of investors who were at the forefront of Bitcoin and who recognized its value in time.

In terms of economics, Neo definitely has potential for us. In the gaming sector, it is realistically conceivable that Neo will be adopted in even more online casinos in the future. Those who already own coins can collect GAS tokens, and there are already interesting gaming providers like Fairspin or our “insider tip” Rocketpot that accept Neo as a means of payment.