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Cardano Casino Test 2021

icon-paymentsWith the breakthrough of bitcoin, more and more cryptocurrencies entered the market in a very short time. One that became successful within weeks is ADA – operated and developed Input Output Hong Kong – IOHK for short, which launched the Cardano platform.

Like most coins, ADA is dependent on the blockchain network. Currently, the coin value is around 85 cents. The range of Cardano (ADA) casinos can be described as very manageable at times. Nevertheless, our experts attribute immense potential to the coin for the future, which is especially due to its high security standards.

Through the decentralization of the ADA coin and the special application platform, Cardano wants to succeed in eliminating the known disadvantages of Ethereum and further optimize the concept of the blockchain for ADA. It is not without reason that Cardano is often referred to as “the Ethereum killer”. The coin was initially limited to a maximum of 45 million. However, it is also possible for ADA to generate further coins if there is a corresponding response.Cardano-1

Although ADA is still less well-known than its “role model” Ethereum, it is now traded on more and more crypto exchanges. Some of the most established are:

  • Binance
  • Bitpanda
  • Coinbase
  • Or also Exodus

Exciting fact: It was not until Cardano ADA Coin was introduced on Coinbase that the price experienced an immense rise. The US-based trading platform only announced in March 2021 that it would list Cardano on Coinbase Pro in the future. Just at that moment, the value jumped. Transfers in ADA currency 💶 will be accepted in the future, according to the platform. However, trading is only conceivable as soon as ADA meets the liquidity conditions and a sufficient supply has been established.

What is Cardano anyway?

Cardano itself is a blockchain platform that specializes in the execution of smart contracts. The crypto coin belonging to the company bears the abbreviation ADA. Cardano itself, like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, is a virtual currency generated and traded via the blockchain.

The developers or inventors of the coin have high aspirations for their project to offer a scalable transfer of value to governments as well as private individuals and corporations. Cardano clearly differentiates between blockchain development and the provision of its own ADA coin, because both areas are offered independently of each other by the company behind it.

Blockchain apps of all kinds can be executed smoothly and securely via the platform. This does not only mean the well-known and common smart contracts, but also so-called DApps. ADA can be purchased on common blockchain wallets – also called crypto wallets. Companies like Binance also offer the possibility of trading. The currently still quite low price of the Cardano currency ADA is ideal for beginners 🧔.

Interesting: Officially, Cardano has been around since 2015, but the launch took place much later, at the end of the second quarter of 2017. At that time, there was one of the biggest “crypto bull runs”, from which Cardano benefited significantly. Within a few weeks, the ADA Coin was able to establish itself as one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies.

Behind the coin and its associated blockchain is Charles Hoskinson, who is considered the co-founder of Ethereum.Cardano-2

Cardano, the Ethereum killer?

icon-winThe first Cardano smart contracts are expected to be available as early as May 2021. According to founder Charles Hoskinson, this offers a real Ethereum De-Fi platform alternative. Overall, it seems like the developer is taking advantage of the experience he gained as an ETH co-founder. After all, no one knows the “weak points” of the better-known coin better than Hoskinson.

With the Cardano blockchain as well as the ADA token, optimized functions now want to be established on the market. The success so far confirms that the developer seems to be doing everything right at times.

In the meantime, ADA is on the fast track. Within a very short time, Charles Hoskinson succeeded in making the coin “presentable” and was even able to convince Coinbase and Bloomberg. Both have implemented the ADA token in their trader tools – the former in the Coinbase Pro area.

This is how playing at ADA Casino works

  • Choose preferred provider and set up customer account.
  • Log in, open cashier, select ADA as payment method
  • Unique QR code / Cardano wallet address is generated.
  • Open crypto wallet
  • Log in, scan QR code or enter address manually
  • Select amount, confirm payment

If you want to deposit with Cardano in the online casino, you need a wallet. From there, you can transfer ADA within a very short time.MoreLess.

The credit should be completed within a few minutes with most crypto wallets and the funds credited to the account of the selected Cardano casino. The fact that the transaction does not always work directly in real time has to do with the calculations of the digital coins. If the booking is not completed even after an hour, it helps to contact the customer service. The latter can assist in tracking the transaction, although this is actually only very rarely necessary.

Providers like display the account balance in the selected cryptocurrency – in this case, ADA. It is possible to choose different transactions and coins 🪙, so that balances can easily be deposited in the form of Cardano, but also BTC and ETH or the like. If the personal area is opened, the provider shows which euro value players have in the account.

Many games can be played in ADA currency, but for others, the provider converts the balance as well. Placing the bets in euros is at least a little easier and makes it easy to keep track.

Buy ADA: How does it work?

icon-mobile casinoBy now, Cardano is available on most crypto exchanges. Our experts can currently recommend the following providers:

Once a customer account has been set up, real money payments can be made and exchanged for ADA at will. The purchase as such takes only a few minutes of time. Another option is offered by crypto brokers, although this is more aimed at more experienced blockchain users and buyers. If it is only about acquiring ADA credits for the casino, the aforementioned exchanges are a simple and immediately implementable solution.

Advantages & disadvantages of Cardano casinos

  • What are the advantages of using ADA as a casino payment method
  • What are the disadvantages with Cardano Casinos?
  • What advantages does ADA offer as a payment method in the casino?

Basically, Cardano can also be described as a secure blockchain currency or digital coin. A major advantage is that the co-founder of Ethereum is responsible for the development and accordingly brings a high level of expertise. During the implementation, particular attention is paid to better energy efficiency.

The creation of the ADA token is based on the latest scientific findings. Already at the end of 2017, the developer made great promises, which, however, now have to be implemented first. Advantageous for casino players: Depositing and withdrawing 💳 with Cardano ADA works just as easily and securely as with all the

Advantages at a glance:

  • Science-based coin development
  • More energy-efficient blockchain
  • Fast, easy transactions
  • Winning payouts within hours
  • Low transaction fee
  • Independent of physical money
  • Almost unlimited deposits and withdrawals possible
  • What are the disadvantages with Cardano casinos?

Cardano-3So far, the selection of casinos that accept ADA Coins is actually still more than manageable. For Canadian players,, among others, one of the first crypto casinos and absolute pioneer in terms of token diversity, offers to play with Cardano. Many providers are still holding back, but this could change quickly as the coin becomes more widely known.

The fact that so many companies in the industry are exercising restraint has to do in particular with the market development. Cardano is still in its infancy and the promises made by the Ethereum co-founder must first be fully realized. Should that be the case, ADA, which is already in the top 15 coin rankings, could become more relevant to the gambling industry as well.

These disadvantages should be noted:

  • Only a few ADA casinos available at times.
  • Development phases not yet completely finished
  • Currently unpredictable development of the market value

A security note: If the opportunity presents itself, it is advisable to hold Cardano (ADA) on a cold wallet – that is, a hard drive or USB stick – just like other cryptocurrencies. Hot wallets, such as the well-known exchanges, still carry a security risk, albeit a small one.

The difference to other cryptos

Cardano or the ADA Coin may definitely join the ranks of other leading cryptocurrencies. Thanks to smart contracts and the technology behind them, many experts even consider it one of the best cryptocurrencies.

The fact is that Cardano is a token that is significantly younger than Bitcoin and also Ethereum. This has allowed the founders, including CEO Charles Hoskinson, to benefit from the lessons learned so far. ADA often has to be compared with ETH in particular, which is due to the fact that Hoskinson was personally co-responsible for the development of Ethereum. Cardano was launched on the basis of this as a third-generation coin, in which previous deficits were ironed out from the start. In addition, investors benefit from the following differences:

  • More security through proof-of-stake consensus algorithm.
  • Better scalability
  • \ADA benefits from many years of ETH experience
  • Lower network fees

Interesting detail about the company structure: Behind Ethereum is a community of a wide variety of developers who compete with each other in the background and where ultimately no clear hierarchies prevail. The situation is different with Cardano. Here, a team works hand in hand and sticks together every step of the way. Both the distribution of tasks and the salaries of the employees are clearly defined.

How can you recognize reputable ADA casinos?

icon-live gamesNo matter whether deposits are made with real money, ADA or other alternative coins: Security should, of course, always come first. Therefore, it is all the more important to pay attention to the presence of a gambling license. This does not necessarily have to be issued by the well-known MGA Malta, because many of the providers licensed there now follow the transitional regulations set for Canada and severely restrict players.

When we talk about online casinos without a license, we simply mean that the companies do not specify 1 euro betting limits or a deposit restriction of 1,000 euros per month and will therefore apparently not apply for a Canadian gambling license. Such providers are also the ones that increasingly work with cryptocurrencies – be it the Cardano ADA Coin, BTC or even Ethereum and Litecoin, just to name a few.

Good to know: While a reputable ADA casino will largely waive many of the restrictions, it will still offer players the option to set limits for themselves. This makes it easier to counteract the dangers of gambling addiction. Ultimately, personal responsibility is especially important here, though of course fair crypto casinos will step in if the situation calls for it.Cardano-4

These limits apply when making payments with Cardano

Usually, as with all cryptocurrencies, only a minimum amount is specified for ADA. This can be seen well in the example of, because the provider states that at least 15 ADA must be deposited. However, the company does not set any upper limits. Here it becomes clear why the registration in crypto casinos is worthwhile especially for high rollers.

The payout is possible from 30 ADA in the mentioned example. Converted, this would be, as of June 18, 2021, about 37.50 euros. The rate can fluctuate a little, of course, so that an equivalent value of around 30 euros can be expected on average. However, the fluctuations in the share price do not change anything. If the value were to actually drop even further, this would result in a significantly lower minimum deposit 💳 in euros. By the way, the payout of winnings is also possible without limits.

Can I use all games in the casino with Cardano?

icon-gamesIf the deposit with ADA Coins is permitted, then all games are usually open to players. It may be, as already noted, that companies like Bitcasino or Fairspin convert Cardano credits into euros in advance to ensure the best possible availability of the portfolio. Basically, however, this does not matter much for the customer, because the main thing is that none of the favorite games have to be renounced either.

Here are some categories that are usually ADA compatible:

  • Slots
  • Jackpot Slots
  • Baccarat
  • Live Games

And by the way, the VIP program is also open to customers who have chosen ADA as their currency.

Tips & tricks for paying with ADA

Currently, the agony of choice may not be out of many players when it comes to Cardano casinos. Nevertheless, there are a few things that can be considered when buying tokens that will make a difference in the end – especially from a financial perspective. First of all, it is important not to choose the first wallet right away. The comparison sometimes brings significant savings potential. In addition, our experts recommend the following:

Compared to Bitcoin, Ethereum and other classics, the ADA Coin can still be had quite cheaply. With a bit of luck, the value will even increase while you play with it in the online casino.

  • Watch out for special ADA promotions 🎁
  • Ask the wallet provider about limits and fees.
  • Compare the wallets to save costs
  • Inform yourself in detail about purchase options
  • Set your own limits for deposits

Currently, the Cardano purchase is particularly worthwhile, as the rate per coin is significantly cheaper than Ethereum, Litecoin or Bitcoin. While it is not possible to say too much about the further development, should there be an increase, those who bought early will profit the most. Whether the ADA is then invested in the casino or elsewhere, the decision is of course up to everyone.

Cardano Alternatives

Especially today, when the ADA Coin is not yet too widely used in the gambling industry, it makes sense to know the alternatives. In the meantime, significantly more tokens than just bitcoin are accepted by crypto casinos – and by far more providers than just Players should be familiar with the following cryptocurrencies:

The selection is not identical everywhere. All the more reason to compare different crypto casinos. Our expert reviews are helpful here, as they specifically address other aspects besides the payment methods – be it bonus promotions, the game selection, security precautions or even the reliability of the customer service.

Players are now familiar with some cryptocurrencies. The Cardano or ADA, on the other hand, is still relatively unknown. All the better to deal with the most important questions early on. As always, we have the appropriate answers – easy to understand & helpful for the decision.

  • What are the fees for ADA payments at the casino?
  • Is there a Cardano bonus at the casino?
  • Is ADA accepted everywhere?
  • How secure are Cardano deposits?
  • Who invented Cardano?
  • Is Cardano the same as Ethereum?

What are the fees for an ADA payment at the casino?

icon-bonus-1Basically, providers like or Fairspin do not charge any fees for deposits and withdrawals. Nevertheless, transactions could be associated with small costs. We are talking about the network transaction fees typical for cryptocurrencies. These are primarily influenced by the chosen crypto wallet. It is therefore even more worthwhile to compare options such as Binance, Exodus, Coinbase and Bitpanda in detail.

As already explained, ADA generally has significantly lower fees than other digital assets. This alone is an aspect that speaks in favor of choosing the still comparatively unknown token in the gaming industry.

Is there a Cardano bonus in the casino?

Unfortunately, the ADA Coin is currently accepted by only a few casinos. recently accepted Cardano and launched a special bonus promotion to mark the token’s debut. Players who chose to deposit with ADA were able to secure 25 Coins 🪙 as a starting credit. One drawback: the campaign was short-lived. However, it is not excluded that other casinos offer similar promotions for the debut when they include the coin in the portfolio.

Fairspin, which accepts ADA, even has an unlimited bonus for new customers.

Provided that more crypto casinos with bonuses accept Cardano, players could definitely benefit from bonuses – similar to all other coins that are currently available in the industry. However, even without special promotions, it is worth knowing the pros and cons of the ADA Coin.

Is ADA accepted everywhere?

As we have already noted, Cardano ADA Coin is not particularly widespread so far – at least in the gambling industry. However, with Fairspin and, we have two attractive and reputable crypto casinos that allow payment with Cardano. And our experts are sure that more gambling sites will follow.

In fact, this manageable selection does not apply to crypto wallets or exchanges. All exchanges known to us have now included the ADA and accordingly offer their customers the opportunity to “stock up” on the Cardano blockchain coin. This can even be particularly worthwhile at the moment, as the price is relatively low at the moment. Although a growth similar to that of Bitcoin is not to be expected, the ADA could still gain a little in value in the future.

How secure are Cardano deposits?

icon-secureIn terms of security, there is hardly any difference between ADA transactions and payments with other digital currencies. Wherever possible, players should interpose the 2-factor authorization, which additionally secures the payment.

The QR code generated by the provider for the booking is just as individual as the alternative wallet address. Both are valid only once and are renewed with every transaction, so that third-party access can be almost completely ruled out. The crediting itself should also be completed within minutes – for deposits as well as for winnings payouts.

Who invented Cardano?

The inventor and one of the brains behind Cardano: Charles Hoskinson – Source:

Behind the ADA Coin is mathematician Charles Hoskinson, who was born on November 5, 1987, and who still lives in America. The scientist was able to gain experience years ago, as he not only had the idea for the Cardano ADA Coin, but was also one of the most important co-founders of Ethereum.

The idea for the development of the ADA came from Ethereum colleague Jeremy Wood. The latter approached Hoskinson at the time, and thus the joint idea of launching the Input Output Hong Kong project, or IOHK for short, was born. To this day, Cardano is backed by a huge team of scientists and engineers who oversee both the blockchain and the ADA token.

Is Cardano the same as Ethereum?

The smart contracts platform of the Cardano blockchain is promising right now. What can be clearly stated is that Ethereum and ADA are not the same. On the one hand, the new blockchain is based on a different security concept, and on the other hand, it is supposed to eliminate the previous shortcomings of the ETH Coin.

It is not without reason that Cardano is often referred to as the “Ethereum killer”. The great competition certainly has to do with the fact that the ADA developer Hoskinson ⭐ knows exactly what is behind the structures of the Ethereum company. Several times he has already fired against the coin and its operators.

The founders of the ADA token aim to make their Haskell programming suitable for applications in the organizational and financial sectors. Hoskinson and his team are therefore by no means only interested in becoming better known in the gaming sector. All in all, the new generation of ALT Coin offers many advantages that can only be expected with ETH in the newly planned 2.0 version.

Conclusion about Cardano Casinos

icon-ideaCurrently, it seems as if Cardano is on the fast track in the crypto world. At least the well-known Ethereum is facing fierce competition. However, whether it will be able to establish itself in the long term like ETH, Bitcoin or Litecoin cannot be said with certainty at this point in time.

Artists and great personalities seem to have taken a liking to the creators of Cardano. ADA is already a tribute to Ada Lovelace, a mathematician from the 19th century. The individual steps of the cryptocurrency roadmap, on the other hand, are dedicated to writers and philosophers.

In the field of online gambling, ADA doesn’t seem to be too significant yet, although that could change as well. Today, however, the coin is already accepted at a few but interesting crypto casinos including Fairspin and Bitcasino. From experience, our experts know how rapidly the crypto market is growing right now and that there could thus definitely be a rapidly growing acceptance in the industry.

Many points, including especially the profitability as well as the energy efficiency of the Cardano Blockchain, speak for a solid future. Thus, it can’t hurt at all to already start looking into ADA and acquire first coins via well-known platforms, such as Binance, Exodus or Bitpanda.